OMAD “One meal a day” with intermittent fasting

by | Sep 15, 2022 | Fasting

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The OMAD diet is not really a diet, but rather a particular intermittent fasting method and very easy to integrate into everyday life. It also saves time and money, as there are no sophisticated rules to follow.

But what does OMAD mean?

OMAD is an acronym that stands for:

  • ONE
  • MEAL
  • A
  • DAY

This means that you only eat one meal a day and fast for the rest of the day, which is often called the 23/1 fasting method or 23/1 diet.

How to do OMAD?

For example, during an OMAD diet, you have dinner on Monday evening and then fast until the next dinner on Tuesday. Nevertheless, you may just as well choose lunch or breakfast as your one meal per day. It’s up to you and your habits. 

OMAD is versatile 

My experience with OMAD is that the flexibility and efficiency it brings is ingenious. Although ONE MEAL A DAY is a powerful tool for me, I do not see OMAD as a strict diet.

For example, with OMAD, you can increase your productivity during the week but eat and relax on weekends. In this way, you also prevent your body from permanently adjusting to OMAD and causing a weight loss plateau. 

If you start with OMAD, you will notice one of its biggest benefits: The dramatic reduction in your weekly grocery bills!