The Benefits of a Natural Detox Plan

by | Oct 8, 2020 | Detox

The Natural Attitude 10 Day Detox Plan has been formulated to kick start the healing part of your journey using only raw and natural foods, intermittent fasting, a water challenge and group fitness training to safely cleanse and energize your body.

As a Nutritional Health Professional and a Personal Fitness trainer, I guide both individuals and families to reaching personal lifestyle goals while also having fun!

My training style is joyful and light and always incorporates a variety of regimes, both indoors and outdoors while still keeping you results driven and motivated towards your personal goals.

Cleansing and detoxing your mind, body and lifestyle has enormous benefits for liberating you from bad habits and lifestyle choices. My role is to help you cultivate a positive mindset and attitude to life which dovetails with your personal style.


15 Health Benefits of a Personalised Detox Plan

#1 Balance & Boost
A detox hits the reset button in your body. It supports your body to re-energise and expand your energy levels, balance your hormones, improves your digestion and gives your adrenals a much-needed break. This has a knock-on effect of breaking the pattern of food cravings.

#2 Body Beautiful
The most noticeable health benefits of a body detox are physical ones. This is because toxins get stored in the body in our major organs, effecting the liver and the stomach the most.

#3 Natural Elimination
Cleansing toxins from your body allows the body to re-ignite the natural process of ridding itself of any excess waste it has been storing. As the body is stimulated to cleanse itself, your liver, kidneys, and colon can get on board too! The aim is to ‘keep things moving’ so your colon cannot get blocked up.

#4 Weight Off
A detox diet assists you in losing weight in the short term and supports you in establishing and maintaining long-term healthy eating habits. A detox is less about calorie counting and more about replacing bad foods with good foods and a more actively orientated lifestyle.

#5 Energy Lift
When we detox our bodies of sugar, caffeine, trans and saturated fats, and replace them with fresh fruits and vegetables, we give our bodies a natural energy boost without the inevitable crash that comes from stimulants. It is essential to stay well hydrated during your Natural Attitude Detox plan and support your body in the process.

#6 Hair Health
Healthier hair is one of the lesser known benefits of a natural detox. Since our hair growth occurs within the hair follicle; by the time we can see our hair it is already beginning to die. When we keep our body functioning at its full potential through a regular detoxing health plan, our hair can grow uninhibited by internal toxins. You will notice your hair fees softer and shinier and actual hair growth speeds up.

#7 Clean Skin
Our skin is the largest organ of our body and shows positive effects from a detox, delivering clearer, smoother skin and assisting with acne. Be prepared however, for skin conditions to become worse before it shows signs of improving as it processes the release of internal toxins.

 #8 Improved Body Odour
As our colon becomes bogged down with toxins, so we suffer from bad breathe and flatulence. When we clean out our digestive system and maintain it to keep functioning optimally, our breath, sweat and body odour improves.

#9 Better Absorption
A natural detox plan strengthens our organs to function naturally too, thereby strengthening our own internal immune system. When we detox our bodies, maintain a healthy eating plan interspersed with a light exercise program, our body is optimized to better absorb the nutrients and vitamins ingested from our food.

#10 Easy Sleep
Toxins and free radicals that accumulate in our body can also affect brain functions. You may notice that after a natural detox plan, you are able to sleep better, feel less fatigued and are able to concentrate for longer periods.

#11 Less Stress
Adrenal fatigue brings on stress within our bodies. By detoxing and nourishing our bodies, we are better able to handle everyday stress in our lives without losing it.

#12 Clearer Thinking
Toxins in the body cause us to feel lethargic and heave, which can affect our thought processes. A natural detox program clears your mind as well as your body and improvise the quality and focus of our thoughts.

#13 Emotional Freedom
As our bodies begin to release toxins, so too do we begin to release layers of emotions associated with our emotional eating habits. Cleansing is all about releasing repressed emotions which are stored in the body as aches and pains, negativity and low self-esteem.

#14 More Mindfulness
As our organs begin to operate at full capacity, so we improve the flow of energy in and out of our body. This brings a natural awareness to the world around us and our role within it and helps us to nurture better spaces within and without with which to connect with ourselves and others.

#15 Groovy, Baby!
Our bodies love being able to operate at optimum capacity and this makes us feel good! All the time!! When we feel good, we attract better people, experiences and opportunities into our lives.


Lost the zest for life? Do you need a boost to get you back on track with a healthy eating plan and easy exercise program that suits your lifestyle? Let’s chat!